“Mextizo” is a brand of agroecological foods made in the Municipality of Huimilpan, Querétaro. The name “Mextizo” refers to the history and Mexican roots of the country, mixing the cultures and traditions of all of Mexico.

They seek to offer a wide variety of high quality gourmet products that are made with a natural and artisanal process that makes the flavor of each of the ingredients within the product stand out even more. In addition, they are worked by local people who transmit in each bite the love and value of the artisan cooking process, made 100% by hand with social and environmental responsibility.

For the project we seek to give it a gourmet and prestigious twist, impregnating a minimalist and sophisticated style in each of the elements that were used in the design. We use an iconography and color palette allusive to each of the flavors offered to easily relate them.