Christmas is a time of magic and a lot of market movement. Learn all the steps you must follow if you want to get the most out of this special date. Ahead!

If there is a time in the year in which you can significantly improve your sales, it is the month of December. December is the same as Christmas, and on this date the trade begins to move like never before; Consumers save money throughout the year just to buy products for themselves and their loved ones, brands launch the most anticipated merchandise, and the market is filled with the best advertising campaigns of the year.

In short, the market is contagious with the magic of the month, and by applying the most modern Marketing strategies for Christmas you will be able to see how your brand expands more than you would have imagined.

Increasing sales, profits and profits during this time can become something so simple that some may not want to update their Marketing strategies and do not follow these recommendations, but there is the great difference between the most successful brands and sites and those places that they can only say "my business is not bad."

Year after year everything changes, and strategies must be adapted to the needs of the market, so read on and don't miss this compilation of the techniques applied by the big brands to get the most out of the holidays.

Basic steps to improve your Marketing strategy for Christmas

1 Create a Christmas atmosphere

In general, it is important that you stay up-to-date regarding the festivities and trends when promoting yourself. If your plan is to sell products during Halloween but you decide to have a Thanksgiving decoration, you will not attract the attention of most people. These will be found following the social guidelines of the moment, and they will be attracted by the sites that have the best Halloween decorations.

The same thing happens at Christmas as in the previous example and even with greater intensity. The Christmas spirit focuses on family unity and children's happiness. If the decoration of a place brings out those feelings in a client, he will immediately remember his loved ones, and will be motivated to buy details for them.

Decoration Tips:
Modify the facade and / or the main page of your business so that it has details allusive to Christmas, and you can even add a Christmas motif to your company logo.

Add a Christmas flair to employee attire. This can range from complex costumes to a simple Santa hat, and can be applied both to employees in a physical place, or to the profile photo of the same, in the case that it is a business that works purely virtual.

For a brick-and-mortar store, adorn the interior with distinctive Christmas lights, decorations, and scents.

2 Offer discounts and promotions

Despite the fact that customers save money to spend on these dates, there is nothing more attractive than a good discount.

Promotions such as 2 × 1, coupons that give access to free merchandise after several purchases, credit sales and shipping at no cost, are really effective customer magnets at any time of the year, so ... what better time to launch promotions than when do customers have money they want to spend?

Note: You can even partner with other businesses in such a way that by consuming in yours, customers receive coupons to be spent in associated businesses and vice versa.

3 Organize contests

It is also very important to hold interactive contests where customers can win a prize. This will cause some to do their best to win, and keep them entertained while they consume.

These contests are especially useful when one of the conditions to participate is that the user shares information about your product on Social Networks, so you keep him hooked trying to win the contest, while you can make yourself known and attract the attention of future customers.

4 Run an emotional campaign

When creating a campaign, you must study the tastes and desires of your potentials, and then with that, create a campaign that attracts them at first sight.

As you already know, Christmas is a time that is related to family, good deeds and the happiness of children. Generally appealing to a campaign that points to the family union and sends good wishes to clients, is infallible on these dates. You do not believe me? Coca Cola is an example of the success of these campaigns. This brand displaces all its competition during Christmas.

5 Don't underestimate the power of photos to sell

No matter how good you can be with words, you will never have the same reach as a good photo. Many people will want your product with passion if you show it to them with the right image.

Try to put yourself in the position of the customer and do not skimp on resources when using photos to promote yourself, show your product in the way you would like to be presented.

Note: Words are also very important, a good photo accompanied by a bad text is almost as perishable as the opposite case.

6 Make the most of Social Networks

We all have a restaurant or a store on our Social Networks that we have not been to, we have not even followed them, but that nevertheless move so well on Social Media that they appear on our timeline, suggestions and search engines every day.

The ideal is to aspire to be like that restaurant or store and show what people want to see, to be shared many times and thus increase its reach.

The content you share on your Social Networks must be accompanied by an incredibly striking photo that allows you to touch the sensitive chord of the client or contain a promotion or contest.

Previously, the importance and power of each of these characteristics was discussed, if the content meets more than one of these categories, the faster it will go through all the Social Networks.

A brilliant marketing idea for this Christmas is that you invest time in being creative so that your brand shares the highest quality content possible.

7 Add a section for gift ideas

Some are sure of what they want, others do not want help, but there are many people who have no idea what to buy, and who will end up doing it in that place where they feel well advised.

Provide a service that includes the kind human advice that these clients need. This is a step that those people who market through the network must also comply with. You can always hire someone to take care of this work.

8 Give special gifts

Include in sales small gifts that the customer is not expecting, and that is also accompanied by a Christmas message of thanks. This gesture is like a more discreet emotional campaign, the customer will be happy, and for the next purchases they will have as a priority that place where they made them smile.

9 Do Social Responsibility activities

Donate for charity, make discounts for people who donate clothes, toys or food to those most in need, organize free events to support people who need charity and / or add a button in your Online Store to make donations for an NGO, is something that speaks very good of your company and that will also be rewarded with a greater flow of customers.

It is important to carry out these campaigns whenever possible, but during Christmas their impact will be more noticeable and positive for you than at any other time.

10 Think Beyond Christmas

Despite the fact that during December the Christmas sales are the ones that bring the greatest benefits, all the holidays and events that are celebrated in the final stretch of the year should be taken into account.

Make special events on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and you can even add days in which you focus your products towards the holidays after the Christmas celebrations have passed. Including rebates when no one else plans to do so will increase your sales and profits dramatically.

I hope you get the most out of these tips and that this Christmas your earnings are higher than in any other year. Share this article and comment on any questions you have!

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