A fable tells that once a snake began to chase a firefly; it fled very fast and full of fear from the fierce predator, but the snake did not intend to give up its attempt to reach it.

The firefly was able to flee during the first day, but the snake did not give up, two days and nothing, on the third day, already without strength, the firefly stopped its agitated flight and said to the snake: Can I ask you three questions?

I'm not used to granting wishes to anyone, but since I'm going to devour you, you can ask, replied the snake.

So tell me: Do I belong to your food chain? No! Answered the snake.

Did I do you any harm? No! His hunter replied again.

So why do you want to kill me? Because I can't bear to see you shine! Was the snake's last reply.

Many of us have been involved in situations where we ask ourselves:

Why does this happen to me if I have not done anything wrong? Simple ... because there are some who cannot bear to see you shine.

Envy is one of the worst feelings we can have, the fact that they envy your achievements, your success, etc., they envy you to see you shine! It will affect you on more than one occasion, but when this happens, don't stop shining!

Keep being yourself, keep doing your best, keep doing your best, don't let them hurt you, don't allow them to hurt you ...

Keep shining and they will not be able to touch you! Because your light will remain intact, because there will always be someone to support you, because your footprint will remain, because the memory of what you were and did will remain, whatever happens!

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