Attracting customers through the use of advertisements, flyers and other written pieces of marketing, as well as converting visits into sales, does not depend on how creative or smart you are.

To generate more attention from your potential clients, a simple and effective process is enough. There are only 3 steps that will help you create better marketing pieces, giving you a solid base of work for attracting customers and converting visits into sales.

1. Tell them what you offer them.

Preparing effective marketing pieces to attract customers isn't just about being creative. It's actually about telling people what you have for them. That simple

If what you have to offer is something they want, great. If you don't have what they want, they won't answer you. It doesn't matter what you tell them.

So, it is important that you direct your message only to those who want what you offer. The rest is a waste of time, money and energy. This is called segmenting, or communicating with your target market.

There is a myth that the more eyes see your ad, the better it is. Fat mistake. What good is a million impressions (views) if none of those people are interested in what you offer? You should target the people who are most likely to be interested in what you have, and you will be vastly more successful.

Make sure you clarify 'what you have for people' and 'who is that for', and you will leave a lot of competitors behind.

2. Tell them why and how your product or service will help them.

Once you clarify ‘what you offer’ to the people you are addressing, it’s time to tell them why they should want that and how it will improve their lives.

First you have to understand that all products and services are solutions to problems. If what you're looking to offer doesn't solve a problem, sadly it shouldn't exist.

An effective way to find the why and how is to identify the problem, and then define how your product will solve it. This is called a problem / solution format.

Determine what problem your product will solve, tell people about it, and then explain that your product will give them the solution.

Of course, sometimes it is not necessary to make the problem explicit, because it is obvious and is understood with an interesting and well-described solution.

However, as long as you can use the full problem / solution format, you are giving your prospects an extra emotional boost.

3. Tell them how they can get it.

Now is the time to tell them how to get what you are offering them.

Don't lean back in your chair assuming your consumers will figure out how to get your product. Explain them clearly and specifically.

If you want them to call you by phone to request the new catalog, tell them "Call 777-7777 Today and Request Our New Catalog 2015".

If you want them to enter their email address in a form on your website, tell them ... "To Access Our Free Report, Enter Your Email Address in the Box and Press Submit."

Potential clients don't have time to figure out what you want or need them to do. If that is not clear, or is confusing, they will just put your notice aside and choose other things.

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