Not Using Social Networks Strategically = Resounding Failure And this is where the situation gets more intense:
Even when you think that you are using the right social network to promote your products or services …… unconsciously you are making the mistake of not taking advantage of it strategically.

Imagine that you are a freelancer who wants to promote your design services.
You identify that Instagram and FB are the best social networks to offer and publicize your services.
You have learned from some "experts" that advertising on FB is very cheap and that promoting an ad offering your services will allow you to get new customers.
Everything sounds amazing and you even create your ad.
You may get one or another client ...
But... When you least realize it, the ad stops working as you expected and you even start receiving comments on it from people who ask that you no longer show it.
This platform is supposed to have hundreds of millions of users in the world and you can't get a single more customer.
How is this possible? You start to think that your ad is wrong.
Then you think that your sales page is the one with the error.
In the end you end up believing that your service is not good enough and therefore nobody wants it.
And let me tell you ...

The problem is not youIt is not your service either. I'm sure what you offer is wonderful and helps to make the world better. If not, you would not be part of our VIP community.
Think of it this way.

If you arrive with a girl on the street and tell her:
Will you be my girlfriend? or do you want to marry me?
What will your answer be?
Yes, you guessed it.
He's going to tell you NO!
Possibly someone will say yes. But the odds are slim.
Why will 99.9999% say no to you?
Very easy.

Because he doesn't know you.
Because they don't trust you.
Because you have not created a suitable environment to increase the chances of having a yes for an answer.
Because that only shows need on your part.
And even more evident ... because he has no reason to say yes.
That is not attractive.
And the same happens when using Social Networks.

Never Go To Forget This ... To sell you must first have created a relationship with your audience.
First there has to be trust.
First you have to have added value to their lives.
If you show an ad on FB offering your product or your service to strangers ...
That shows?
Show that you are like most.
Show that you are not unique.
Show your need.
Show that you just want to sell to him.
And people hate being sold ...
but yes ... they LOVE SHOPPING.
That ad is not bad. You're just showing it at the wrong time.

Think about it…
At what stage of the relationship am I with the person to whom I am going to show my publication on Social Networks?

Already know you?
Do you already know what you offer?
Have you already interacted with other publications of yours?
Have you already helped her and added value to her life?
If so, then you can show them the ad offering your services.
If not ... don't do it. Unless you want to be rejected like most men when they want to win an attractive girl.
Now do you understand why most fail on social media?
Now you understand why it is useless to publish a hundred times a day?
Now you understand why creating valuable content for your audience is not enough?
You have to do it strategically.
You have to do it thinking about what stage of the relationship we are with our audience.

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