The side that money leaves is not that of production but that of sales. Selling has an order; Choose who you can help and sell to, then decide what and how to sell.

Repeat a sales process until you become a master, repeat an action 10,000 thousand times and not ten thousand actions once, this makes you unproductive. Select the market that interests you if you are not going to have pure prospects and no clients. Seduce them, attract them, don't chase them, focus, entertain them because customers are the main asset of any company. Move quickly even if you do not do it perfectly, remember that the greed of others is always in your favor, immediately present what they are going to win, immediately make an irresistible offer. Show them why your system or your product is different from the others.

Marketing is not a dogma, it is an experience, it is a laboratory, do not be sorry to fail in your attempts, do not listen to those who only criticize, however, experiment with controlled risks. Make sales and marketing effective, not pretty. Prepare yourself, anticipate the facts, the trends and always present news (develop) invest and look for the profits clearly, make sure you have helped someone, the profits will only be a consequence.

Always learn and help.

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